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Security Lighting Suppliers in Liverpool

Security Lighting Specialists in LED

We offer a full range of Halogen and LED Flood Lighting with or without P.I.R. detection, starting from 120W to 500W in the Halogen range or 10W up to 120W in the latest LED range.

The LED outdoor lighting gives instant brightness just like halogens but they use a fraction of the power. In this demanding economic climate saving money is essential.

All of our LED Floodlights are guaranteed for 35,000 hrs. They range from 10W to 70W with or without P.I.R. detection and have the following specifications:

  • High quality ADC12 aluminium housing and product construction • High luminescence
  • 4mm tempered glass for excellent protection and optical function
  • Flood lights IP65 rated/PIRs IP54 rated
  • Double sealed for extra protection against ingress
  • Operating temperature range of -20Â ? to 50Â ? C Storage temperature range of -40Â ? to 60Â ? C
  • Humidity operating range of up to 95% Now with both Cool White and Warm White light options
  • Great quality, great performance, great price
  • Sensing range of 8m
  • Complete with 1m cable

All are available in a Cool White and a Warm White.


  • Cool White
  • Black Finish
  • Lumen: 670
  • Lumen Per Watt: 67
  • Bulb Temperature: 6500
  • Warm White
  • Black Finish
  • Lumen: 690
  • Lumen Per Watt: 69
  • Bulb Temperature: 3000
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pic2 pic3 Black out door light fitting

CCTV Packages

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