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Cable Solutions in Liverpool

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Here at Waterloo Electrical Supplies, we have a vast range of cable in stock, including:

  • Twin & Earth
  • Flex
  • Steel Wire Armoured (CSWA)
  • FP
  • Heat Resistant Flex
  • Singles
  • H07
  • Satellite
  • Alarm
  • Bell and Speaker Wire
  • Coaxial
  • Arctic
  • Telephone
  • Low Smoke

We also stock cleats, cable clips, nylon glands, outdoor gland packs, shrouds and jointing kits to suit. Also in stock is an extensive range of trunking, capping, conduit and accessories, so please don't hesitate to call for prices and stock availability.

Twin Cable roll Fire Resistant Cable FDC-210 white cable flex Cable rolled up and sold by the meter
White, Grey and Black cable grips red, blue, white and black glands cswa cable white trunking Cable rolled up and sold by the meter